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13SS UNDER COVER "one and only" Docking denim pants

60,000 JPY

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Measurements *Size below is in "cm"(1 cm= 0.39 inch). Waist 78cm Rise up 21cm Inseam 71.5cm Hem 16cm Product Details Gender-Men Material-100%cotton Specification - Size Free *Undercover Aoyama, from Jonio's personal items to custom products, All handled only special items, As a feature item of "THE MAD MARKET AOYAMA" It can only be attached to a special model that matches the opening of the Aoyama store. Special specification with initial “one and only” tag, Made with a limited quantity of just a few, Based on Jonio's favorite vintage printed flannel shirt, A special oneoff that created a classic shirt-wrapped denim pants. Among them, the yellow x black flannel shirt that was the centerpiece color, The best “one off” denim pants with ideal overlap will be exhibited. It was the biggest event for undercover fans, It was introduced as a main item in THE MAD MARKET. Using vintage print flannel shirt which Jonio uses regularly, Combined with the processed denim of the undercover sample, It has a special design, only a few have been prepared, A combination of denim and flannel shirts with different specifications, Let us imagine the Seditionaries prepared as the main, The 60's Pendleton flannel shirt is called docking. A vintage flannel shirt of yellow x black color was wound,